The label point-and-click might make you think about 2D 90's games that involve funny jokes and trick puzzles. But this point-and-click is quite the opposite. The game At Dead Of Night is a horror-movie experience that you're just temporarily living in.

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There are many items you need to use to navigate the hotel. The hotel can feel like one big maze with all the floors and hotel rooms you have to both loot and hide in. Once you learn about the tools that will help you and understand the game mechanics, then you can focus on getting Jimmy off your tail and saving both ghosts and people alike.


Scrying Mirror And Compass

At Dead Of Night scrying mirror

These are the first two tools you must have. The game will keep telling you to find them if you don't have either, so you don't get lost. You can play the game without them but it would be hard. The compass tells you where spirits are and how to get to them. Without it you're left walking around and guessing until you happen upon a paranormal activity or you memorize who's room is who's. The compass will constantly point in the direction you need to go, you just need to follow it and it will lead you to spirits.

The Scrying mirror is used for hints when you get stuck. It can only be used in darker parts of the map and serves as Maya's, the character you play, super power. Only she can contact the other side and see things others can't. The Scrying mirror will show you morphed images and sounds as a means to tell you who you need to find, where you need to go, or what other items you need to utilize. Important things to look out for are room numbers and personal items of ghosts, when looking through the mirror.

Found Items and Ghosts

At Dead Of Night ghosts

This game isn't about escaping and surviving. It's about investigating and saving. Most of your time will be inside the hotel rooms and finding items that will collect over time in your inventory. These items are to be used when you contact ghosts. But they can also be lost if Jimmy catches you. If that happens, you just have to go back to the rooms and find them again.

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When you're in contact with a ghost, you can click the items in your inventory to ask them about it. You can also ask them about ghost sightings you've seen. After you have enough items, you'll have to pair the right ones together to form a question which will make the ghost share more story. The key is to figure out what happened to the ghost and how they know of Jimmy.

Hiding And Trapping Jimmy

At Dead Of Night door

You can't fight back in this game. You're defenseless and must run and hide. But there is one thing you could do that temporarily diffuses the hot trail. If you find deadlock keys for rooms, you can lock Jimmy inside the said room. You can also lock yourself inside so that he cannot reach you.

First, you have to make sure you actually have a deadlock key for the room you're going to use. If you're inside a room and Jimmy barges in while you're hiding, after a while of waiting in a closet you will hear a door close. This means he's in the bathroom, so you can hurry out of the room and lock it behind you. You lock it by bringing up your inventory and clicking the key while you're facing the correct door. This won't keep him away for long, it just gives you a better escape.

Flickering Lights

At Dead Of Night hallway

After or sometimes before speaking to a ghost, you'll have to do some more digging around. This is where the compass comes in. If you follow the arrow of the compass you'll end up finding some flickering lights instead of a ghost or an item.

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Flickering lights mean there's a ghost event in the area. You have to be viewing the area at the right angle for the ghost event to trigger and sometimes this can be buggy. Once you're in the right place and do a few spins to trigger it, you'll start to see the ghost and a brief scene about something that happened to them.

Threat Meter

At Dead Of Night threat meter

You will be able to know Jimmy is nearby by hearing him calling to you on the same floor and maybe from his head peeking down the hallway. But when your menu button goes red, you're in deep danger. This means he is right behind you or about to be.

This will only happen sometimes, like when you run out of a room after he goes into the bathroom. You will get audio cues when he's nearby, but paying attention to this menu button could save your life. Whatever you do, don't turn around.

Why You Should Play

At Dead Of Night gameplay

At Dead Of Night is a horror game that was filmed in a real place with real actors. They added graphics and effects after the fact, which is why the game looks impeccably good and realistic. This isn't like any horror game you've played before. At the Sea View Hotel, you have to manage every single step you take and keep an eye out at all times. There's no fighting and no escaping Jimmy from At Dead of Night.

The creators made good use of their physical actors, lighting, and camera work. When you're hiding, Jimmy's shadowed body peaks into every corner you're in, making it feel as if he's looking directly at you. That he knows you're there. When you're wandering the halls, the motion is so smooth yet tight at the corners, making you feel as though something will jump out at you every time. And sometimes something does. You're never 100% safe.

There's no blaring music and repetitive jump scares. There's even a button to focus in on Jimmy's voice and footsteps, toning down the sound of the atmosphere for a short while. It's just you, the hotel, the ghosts, and Jimmy. At Dead Of Night is an experience to be had if you enjoy unnerving horror games and are in need of something new. It's a unique and satisfying experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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