Somehow, Amouranth is always getting in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, this time is even weirder as it seems she has bought a gas station and even took the time to explain the rationale behind the decision.

Amouranth revealed that she is going to pay around $6 million in federal taxes and that the decision to buy a gas station was a legal maneuver to help her reduce some of her tax burden.

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She explained on a Twitter thread how exactly her decision is going to help her avoid taxes and also let her earn some extra cash on the side.(Thanks, GameRant) Even though this decision might seem a little weird considering her successful career on Twitch, it might actually be financially sound if she has the money to spare.


As you'd expect, people on Twitter had mixed reactions to the news. Amouranth responded to one user where she justified her decision to purchase a gas station, saying "Maybe go after federal reserve members and congress members trading stock on mnpi or captains of industry with bespoke agreements borrowing against equity ownership in lieu of selling shares to fund their lifestyle".

It seems that buying a gas station was just to ensure her financial situation remains stable. As one of the most banned Twitch streamers, and with no other known source of income, this may have been a decision that will help sustain her if she were to be banned again which, given her track record, is a very real possibility.

Amouranth was also recently in the news because she immediately shot to the top of a new Twitch category titled "Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos". This was surprising but arguably not the weirdest thing we have heard about her considering her ASMR ear-licking streams that were quite famous a few months ago. In addition to this, someone recently bought an NSFW Amouranth NFT for $125K. Clearly, her popularity has not gone down despite the recent controversies.

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